Comparison between rustic and restic

Improvements implemented in rustic:

  • Allows using cold storage (e.g. AWS Glacier) repos which are only read in the restore command + supports warm-up
  • All operations are completely lock-free as rustic supports two-phase-pruning (prune option instant-delete is available)
  • Supports configuration in a config file (example config files)
  • Huge decrease in memory requirement
  • Already faster than restic for most operations (but not yet fully speed optimized)
  • Cleaner concept of logging output; possibility to write logs to a log file
  • backup command can use .gitignore files
  • restore uses existing files; also option --delete available
  • Snapshots save much more information, available in snapshots command
  • Integrates the Rhai script language for snapshot filtering
  • Allows to save repository options in the repository config file via the command config
  • New command webdav to serve repository as webdav service
  • New command merge
  • New command repo-info
  • check command checks and uses cache; option --trust-cache is available
  • Option prune --fast-repack for faster repacking
  • Syntax <SNAPSHOT>[:PATH] is available for many commands

Missing points

  • tests and benchmarks
  • missing commands: find, mount
Last change: 2024-02-14, commit: 5720dd8