Restore using mount

NOTE: rustic doesn’t support mount at this point, please use restic to invoke this operation for the time being. We are working on a mount implementation for rustic.

Browsing your backup as a regular file system is also very easy. First, create a mount point such as /mnt/rustic and then use the following command to serve the repository with FUSE:

$ mkdir /mnt/rustic
$ restic -r /srv/rustic-repo mount /mnt/rustic
enter password for repository:
Now serving /srv/rustic-repo at /mnt/rustic
Use another terminal or tool to browse the contents of this folder.
When finished, quit with Ctrl-c here or umount the mountpoint.

Mounting repositories via FUSE is only possible on Linux, macOS and FreeBSD. On Linux, the fuse kernel module needs to be loaded and the fusermount command needs to be in the PATH. On macOS, you need FUSE for macOS. On FreeBSD, you may need to install FUSE and load the kernel module (kldload fuse).

Last change: 2024-06-19, commit: 979fc43