rustic scheduler

centrally schedule rustic backups


rustic scheduler is a client/server application to schedule regular backups on many clients to one identical repository controlled by a central scheduling server.

It allows to define client groups which are all backed up the same way.

Note: rustic scheduler is in an early development stage.


From binaries

rustic-scheduler is in an early development stage. Please use the nightly builds from here.

Getting started

  • Copy the rustic-scheduler-server binary to your backup schedule server and the rustic-scheduler-client binary to all your clients.

  • Create a config file rustic_schedulder.toml on your backup schedule server.

  • Run the rustic-scheduler-server binary on your server in the dir containing the config.

  • On each client, run

    rustic-scheduler-client <ADDR>

    where <ADDR> is the websocket address to connect, e.g.

    rustic-scheduler-client http://server.localdomain:3012/ws
  • Backups on your clients are automatically started based on the configured schedule(s).


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